JUNE 28, 2020


I Thessalonians
Timothy’s Report
– They were loyal in the persecution.
– They were Doctrinally pure.
– They were concerned.
Five views of Christ’s Second Coming

1. The view of the new Christian.
Chapter 1
Three things about the Church from verse 3
– Their work produced by faith.
– Their labor prompted by love.
– Their enduring hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Three things they did in light of His coming
Verse 9 They turned to God from idols.
– Does the coming of Christ’s second coming change
your lifestyle?
– If He were to come today would it change your
lifestyle at this very moment?
Verse 9 Began to serve the living God.
– Does the coming of Christ motivate us to begin to
find a Ministry that we can do for Him?
– If Jesus were to come today, would He find us doing
something profitable for His Kingdom?

Verse 10 They are to wait for God’s Son.
– Are we at peace with ourselves in the midst of the
storm that is around us?
– Are we holding steady?
2. The view of the worker in the Church.
Chapter 2
Verse 20 – Indeed you are our glory and joy.
When Jesus comes back, am I going to have any
3. The view of the Brother.
Chapter 3
Verse 12 – May the Lord make your love increase and
overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as it
does for you.
Two aspects of love
– We are to increase in love.
– We are to overflow in love to others.
I John 4:20 – If anyone says, I love God, yet hates his
brother, he is a liar.
– Are your relationships all cleared up?

4. The view of the one who is suffering.
Chapter 4
Verse 14 – We believe Jesus died and rose again and so
believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have
fallen asleep in Him.
5. How the Christian is to conduct himself.
Verse 1 Exact time not important.
Verse 2 Coming will be a surprise.
Verse 3 No escape from the event.
Verse 4 & 5 Don’t be surprised.
Verse 6-8 Be alert, sober, prepared.
Verse 9 Be our final salvation.
Verse 10 No Christian left behind.
Verse 11 Encourage one another.
Verse 12 & 13 Respect the Spiritual leaders.
Verse 14 Meet the needs of the body.

Final Instruction

– Rejoice always.

– Pray always.
– Give thanks.
– Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire.
– Test everything.
– Hold on to the good and avoid evil.

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