APRIL 4, 2021

Col. 1:14 – Christ bought our freedom with His blood.
John 10:10 – Jesus said, “I come to give you life to the full.”
Matt. 28:5 – He is not here, He has risen.
Psalm 146:5 – Happy is he whose hope is in the Lord.
Enjoying The Rest Of Your Life Is Possible:
1. Because Christ can free you from guilt.
Eph. 1:7 – By the death of Christ we are set free, that
is, our sins are forgiven.
Col.2.14 – He has cancelled every record of the debt
we owed. Christ has done away with it by nailing it to
the cross.
Rom 8:1 – There is no condemnation awaiting those
who belong to Christ.
2. Because Christ can free you from worry.
I Peter 1:2 – God’s Spirit has been at work in your
heart through Jesus Christ. May God grant you
increasing freedom from all anxiety and fear.
Ph. 4:13 – I am ready for anything through the
strength of Christ who lives in me.

3. Because Christ can give you purpose.
Eph. 2:10 – We are God’s work of art, created in
Christ Jesus to live the good life as He meant for us to
live it.
Acts 20:24 – Life is worth nothing unless I use it for
doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.
4. Because Christ can give you a home in heaven.
Col. 2:20 – Christ has set you free from following the
world’s ideas of how to be saved by doing good and
obeying various rules.
Rom 4:4 – You don’t earn the right to heaven, no, for
being saved is a free gift. If a person could earn it by
being good, then it wouldn’t be free, but it is.
Rom. 6:23 – The free gift of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ.
A Prayer That Leads to Enjoying The Rest Of Your
Dear God, I believe Jesus Christ was who He
claimed to be, Your Son, and that He proved it by
rising from death. Jesus Christ, thank You for
dying for me on the cross. I want You to forgive my
sins and I want to know You personally and
experience the freedom You offer. As much as I
know how, I ask You to come into my life and be my
Lord and Savior. Amen.

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